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settled my horse problem. i’m moving her (and my moms horse) on the 29th to a much much better place!

i ‘work’ tomorrow, i’m uber excited.

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so this is how i feel about it…

i bought an abused/abandoned horse. she’s a retired racehorse that wasn’t cut out for racing (meaning, she’s slow! lol) and they starved her and left her.. and god knows what else they did to her.

we have an excellent bond for each other. i love her and smother her in affection and she shows her appreciation and need for it. she’s a wonderful horse.

she’s been at my stable barn for 3 days now. i was upset to see what i saw yesterday when i came to work with her. she had a rope burn on her chest…. how she got it, i have no idea! it absolutely wasn’t from me and she has no contact with the other horses at this time so it had to have come from the person who was handling her yesterday…..which in fact, i don’t apprecate my horse being handled without my knowing. i don’t like children around her or tons of commotion… she needs a calm, gentle, loving voice and she knows its mine.

so needless to say, we’re going to be moving our horses. my possibly sooner than the end of the month only because i’m not bound by contract yet, i never signed anything.. my mom on the other hand, she may have to give 30 days notice:(

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Zoom truth


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pleasure and business

had another great night tonight. no drama which is a huge plus.. i hate drama. but yea anywho. i’m proud of myself lol, i have a regular. he’s super sweet and awesome. works for the gas company. but it’s sweet, i met him tuesday and he asked when i worked i said most likely thursday and sure enough, he and his pals from work came in. and he only had interest in me aww shucks:). he’s really nice, is originally from canada and came here to work. funny thing is when i lived in WA, i only lived about an hour or two from him. crazy how we crossed paths here and we were so close there and didn’t even know it!

but yes back to my night. was really good. not a whole lot of people but i still made out really well. every one of my dances, i got a 20$ tip which is awesome. Carter actually tipped me 40$ and had 4 privates with me. :) what a sweetie!!

but yeah, on another note.. a little into my life. i own an 8 year old thoroughbred horse and is a retired racehorse.. she just wasnt cut out for the race track life. so i ended up with her. funny thing, it was fate to me to own her. when i was looking for a horse, i originally wanted a palamino paint. though i told me mom “you know… i see myself owning a tall, black horse, with a little white on her..” sure enough, the next day mom finds this add on craigslist from a rescue place. her name is lovey. and this is the fate part that comes in, she’s 16 hands, tall, black and has a white blaze and 3 little white socks. AND her name is lovey but her race name is LovedandBeloved. which is crazy because my chest piece has a quote that says…..”the greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.” how wild is it..

it was meant to be.

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by the way.

working my arms out is really paying off. i lifted my ass up the pole upside down today! i’m proud of myself! :)

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oh em gee.

fucking, i wanted to strangle a bitch tonight. i have way too much to say about this bitch so i will try to keep everything short and sweet.

so basically, this one girl has gotten on my nerves. when kaylee and i went shopping over the weekend, i got the tie up garters that look really sexy. well i decided to just wear one; not the pair. i only needed one garter. and i happen to wear it on my left side because i’m a lefty! i wear my shit on that side! but she’s done that also, one tie up garter and one leg. well, she had a god damn fit about it. worried about what the guys would think of her if she came out there with it…. first of all bitch, they are NOT looking at your god damn leg. secondly, who fucking cares? we literally all wear pretty much the same shit.. we all have the little triangle tops and the shorts that tie on the side and blah blah blah. get the fuck over it, i’m not taking it off.

secondly the bitch got on my nerves because there was a bunch of…6 or 7 guys in a group that wanted a girl on girl with me and jazz… well, i was cringing about it in the first place because jazz is the last girl i’d do that with…. but, i was called onto set and we were doubled up so jazz was still out there for a minute.. the DJ said “say goodbye to jazz, bringing out marie blah blah blah” ya know? well… that says thats all for you til your next shit bitch. well, no. i was playing with that bunch of guys and she just invited herself back out there with them/me to do that girl on girl… i wasn’t going to be a bitch because they wanted it to happen, so whatever. by the end of it, she took her money and went with it and put it on her books. no.. doesn’t work like that. you’ve taken money from me before, i’m for damn sure not going to let this much get away from me… not to mention that fucking girl on girl took pretty much my whole set!! but the funny thing about it was when she heard me and the bartender talk about it, she pulled this 20$ bill out after her private, like oh.. i was going to split this 20$ with you.. no the fuck you weren’t lying whore!

so that pissed me off but when i was done with my set, DJ said by to me blah blah blah. i stood there talking to one of the guys for not even 2 minutes, the bartender is out there telling me i need to be off…… wow okay. FIRST OF ALL. that fucking jazz bitch came out AFTER her set was done and butted into my shit, with full intention on keeping the money… no. i know the bartender didn’t know exactly what happened but i sort of left her have it… fucking bullshit.

life of a stripper. <3
i have kept myself drama free and i like it that way but jesus, i won’t take being stepped on like that!

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fucking Love this movie

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i can feel it.

dancing is an absolute art. i love it and i’m so happy i finally jumped into it!!

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what about making decisions?

i went to that nursing job for one day. ONE DAY. i was pretty insulted actually. there was another girl there that they were hirind and they were giving her the same wages for one…. and they only wanted to work me three days out of the week. for real? three days.. and i considered leaving the club for that? FUCK that. never. it would take me more than a month to make what i do in a night at the nursing home. no way. thanks though. plus….. about the girl they hired with me, i was only mad that they gave her the same wages because she had absolutely no training…. i’m licensed.. k.. she’s not. she has absolutely no idea. wtf? and on top of that, she didn’t give me the job she originally offered me. so thanks for stringing me along for three weeks lol.

whatever. i’m happy at my club now. i got more days. i’m on the line up saturday but he said if i wanted, i could come in tonight too. i think i’ll take this day off. i dont want to make anyone mad by working so many days. i don’t want to get greedy nor burn myself out. that place makes me super high.. i feel like i’m on ecstacy or something that’s how high/hot it makes me feel.

well. life is great. i wish i did this a long time ago when i had the offer but hey, at least i’m finally doing it.. i think what happened is that i had to start making money, no ifs ands or buts. i have priorities that need to be paid for and well, jobs aren’t that great around here and i was waiting on what was supposed to be a great job but oh well. i’m happy where i am. :)

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